Signs of Lung Cancer In Women

signs of lung cancer in women

Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer deaths in women. Statistics show that this type of cancer leads to more deaths in women than uterine cancer, breast cancer and ovarian cancer combined. For many years scientists considered lung cancer as a man disease because most of the people who we affected were men. But nowadays it is not discriminatory where I can confirm that it affects both men and women in equal measures. In fact, statistics show that the number of men being affected by this condition is decreasing while the number of women being affected is increasing!

Smoking is the leading cause of lung cancer. But twenty percent of the women diagnosed with this condition have never smoked in their
lives. Furthermore, women who were once smokers but stopped are more likely to be affected by lung cancer than women who are currently smoking. The lung cancer that affects most men is different from the one that affects women. Adenocarcinoma is the type of lung cancer that affects women. In this type of cancer the tumors grow in the periphery of the lungs which is far from the large airways.

This makes adenocarcinoma hard to detect early. Women diagnosed with this type of cancer will not experience persistent coughing, coughing blood, or get infections in the airways. Instead, the tumors will grow quietly. Women notice these tumors when they have grown and spread. This means without early screening doctors will diagnose the cancer after spreading to other parts of the body.

Here are some of common signs of lung cancer in women:

Shortness of Breath

This is the most common sign and it is brought about by the tumors becoming too big. When the tumors grow they occupy a significant percentage of your lungs and this will result in shortness of breath. As a woman if you experience shortness of breath you should be screened. This is because with proper screening you can prevent the cancer from spreading to other parts of the body.

Weak Vision

This particular symptom usually occurs when the cancer has already spread from the lungs to the brain. This particular symptom is common because the cancer usually spread to the brain before going to any other part of the body. If as a woman you start experienced weakened vision you should seek the necessary treatment. Many women tend to get treatment for eye problems but it is advisable to get whole body screening so that the doctor can confirm that you do not have lung cancer.

Pain in Different Parts of the Body

If the lung cancer spread to the bones it will cause pain in different parts of the body. This is one of the most common signs of lung cancer in women. When cancer affects bones the pain will not go away even with treatment. This is also a dangerous sign and the one should seek medical assistance immediately.

Fatigue and Weakness

There are many reasons that can make you as a woman fell fatigued and weak. This particular sign of lung cancer happens because the lungs are unable to provide the body with enough oxygen. The cancer might also have spread to other parts of the body therefore making you feel weak and fatigued.

Unintentional Weight Loss

As a woman if you have lung cancer you will also experience unexplained weight loss. This is because the cancer will interfere with normal operations of the body and this will lead to weight loss. The cancer might affect the digestive system. Therefore your body will not be able to absorb the necessary nutrients. You will also be unable to eat properly and this will negatively affect your health.

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  1. Smoking does not lessen our stress, it actually increases stress , anxiety , tension etc.
    in my opinion there should be more campaigns against smoking. in order to built a healthy world. i quit smoking 10 years ago. and that was one of my best decisions in my life. Thank you for this post Melinda.

  2. Hi I’m in the same situation as you by the sounds of it. My mum had a chest infection a month before Christmas and had X-rays and a CT scan. Got the results of her biopsy last Friday and she has been diagnosed with non small cell lung cancer. There is also a small part that has gone into the lymph mode on her chest. We now have the painful wait to find out the PET scan results which will determine if it has spread anywhere else. My mum is only 68 and my best friend , I am heartbroken and completely lost

  3. omg how horrible that lung cancer is affecting many women who start using it to see other people, it scares me to think that because of the simple fact of having smoked on rare occasions that those who smoke regularly, we must be aware of some symptoms and go to the doctor for an early diagnosis

  4. Hello, just want to post my opinion regarding Lung cancer because of smoking. I have been talked to my friend and smoking is their way to relieve stress its their way to relax. I respected him, but I never failed to advice him to prevent smoking. Smoking is recognized as a medical diagnosis called Tobacco Use Disorder. As seen on TV and other ads, smoking is more prone to cancer. If you are interested in quitting smoking, call your doctor. It is never too early to think about quitting.

  5. I think that the current health is also directly involved in the advancement of cancer cells. Today, doctors do not send the relevant evidence unless you are practically moribund. How many women will there be with lung cancer and their doctors will have said that it is nothing serious


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