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    Most of the blood related diseases lead to cardiovascular disease. Stress, blood sugar, food system, work type and some more reasons we could tell for this disease. Generally junk foods, saturated lipid contained oils, foods prepared in the unhygienic kitchens and more reasons for cardiovascular disease and other related diseases also. It is better to checkup periodically to diagnose and prevent at the beginning stage. Though the medical science is more advance just like sucking lipids through cathedral devices, it is some what expensive and better to prevent such cardiovasculars.



    Heart failure is a more common cause of the pathologies that most affect the cardiovascular level and may be structural damage that can result in physical damage or blood.

    According to braunwland it is the situation in which the heart is unable to maintain a cardiac output adequate to the necessary requirements of the organism or the
    metabolic and venous return

    Causes of increase in frequency
    – Aging of the population
    – Improvement in survival of myocardial infate (coronary unit and thrombolysis)
    – It increases the prevalence of idiopathic cardiopati

    Risk factor’s

    1 Left ventricular hypertrophy
    2 aging
    3 coronary disease
    4 arterial hypertension
    5 diabetes millitus
    6 obesity
    7 tabaquiso

    Non-pharmacological treatment
    1. Moderate sodium restriction
    2. Daily weight measurement (use of lower and safer doses of diuretics)
    3. Immunization with vaccines against influenza and pneumococcus
    4. Physical activity (except in periods of decompensation or in myocarditis)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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