What to Eat When Intermittent Fasting?

What to Eat When Intermittent Fasting?


Intermittent fasting has become very trendy in the health and fitness world over recent times. There are different benefits that come with intermittent fasting from weight loss, metabolic health improvement and others. However, much more people are concerned with wanting to know how long it could take them to shed off a few pounds and what to eat when intermittent fasting. Here is what the diet of someone in intermittent fasting should look like.


The intermittent fasting time makes it possible for you to skip breakfast as it forces your body to break down the fat stored already to produce energy instead of burning them out. You can take 2 – 3 cups of coffee, which can really accelerate your metabolism and reduce appetite.

Your morning routine might be you waking up by 10 am, and stayed up till 1 pm before having your first meal. If you are not used to skipping breakfast, it might look a bit difficult but will soon become a normal day routine and your body will learn to thrive in fasting, providing you every morning with energy through breaking down of fat. Within a few days, you will have shed off a substantial portion of excess fat from your body.


You will break your fast with your first meal between 2 -3 pm, and the next meal between 5-6 pm. It is also recommended to break your fasting with a light meal, which keeps your system in that state of breaking your body fat for energy release. It is better to eat food with moderate protein content and calories. I will recommend smallish meal of not more than 350 to 400 cal.

Here are the meals you should take;

  • First Meal

Greek Yogurt with berry: This a good meal that has a little level of protein at 10 g per 5.3 ounces and the calories content in this meal is about 138 cal. This is a great way to start your diet for the day by having a light meal at first so your system can adjust to eating more increasingly.

Egg Omelettes with Tomato, Ham and Cheddar cheese: This is another good meal to break your fasting with. It contains a good level of calories at about 345 cal, 4 g carbohydrate. Also it has a good amount of protein at 23 g.

A Can of Tuna, Apple and 1 table spoon of Oliver Oil: Eating light will help you achieve what you want on time even though it might look like a stress at first. With 115 cal, 12.2 g of protein is okay for you.

  • Second Meal

After your first meal, you can increase the calories intake a bit t up to 500 cal.

Chicken Breast, Salad Greens, Apple and a half Avocado: This is a good meal to take as your second for the day. It has very good energy content that will keep you active throughout the day. It contains a good level of calories at about 430 cal and protein level up to 48 g.

Cottage Cheese (250 g), Apple and 10 Almond: With the right level of calories and protein in your meal you can be sure to have a good diet. This contains 482 cal and 222.5 g of protein.

Omelette (2 whole eggs) and berries: The protein content in this meal is also important for you as you increasingly learn to take more through your fasting. The protein stands at 215 g and calories of about 275 cal.

  • Third Meal

The third meal between 9 pm to 10 pm should be your final meal for the day. You can eat heavy at the last meal. However, make sure that you have taken it at least before hours before you go to sleep. The major reason is so that it can be broken down properly before bedtime. You can eat up to 600 cal in your last meal for the day.

Steaks, Veggies and Sweet Potatoes: You can eat heavy, so giving yourself a nice treat is not a bad idea. This meal contains about 127 g of protein. This is a good level that is not too much. It also contains a good level of calories of 490 cal.

Chicken Breast, Veggies, Brown Rice and Coconut Oil: This meal contains 195 g of protein and a good calorie level at 499 cal.


Many people are really concerned about what to eat when intermittent fasting. Many inquire about the importance to fast when you still get to eat almost the same amount of calories. It’s the kind of food you eat while fasting that plays a major role in helping you achieve your goals.

Working in the health and fitness industry for over 20 years Tom has built a reputation as a world class personal trainer and nutritionist. With solid fundamentals and a down to earth focus Tom provides fruitful health tips.


  1. Thank you for that wonderful tip! I am one of those persons who skips breakfast in order for the stored fats to be broken down. However, I must say that my stomach still craves for food that are not listed on my proper diet. And then I found this article. I would carefully follow this diet. Thanks!


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